Our Kingdom Come. Not the one of other worlds. But right here. Now. In the slant of sun off June water. We are princes, princesses, kings and queens. Today we are divine. World without End. Amen.

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Late afternoon
Twenty-first of June
Light in the trees, reflected from the water
A lake, a breeze, father and daughter

They walk the shore
She’s maybe four
The light of his life reflected in the water
To this girl, the king is her father

They build a boat, stick and string and leaves
They watch it float to the wide open sea
To the border of the
Kingdom of Summer

They stop to eat
The queen has packed a treat
They find a frog hiding, holding him softly
They decide to knight him, “We dub thee, Sir Froggie”

He bows to them both
Vows with an oath
“Your Kingdom I’ll defend, fear not my liege”
Then their forever friend, hops into the weeds.

She climbs a tree, she can see the palace
Then she leaps onto her steed and they begin to gallop
To the border of the
Kingdom of Summer


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