Charles Herbert 1948-2015

Part One

He was discovered while riding a bus
he was four, out with his mom
overnight star, his parents flush
what could possibly go wrong?

He didn’t eat the daisies with Doris Day
Was at the OK Corral with Kirk Douglas
The pay was amazing, he was on his way
what kid wouldn’t just love this?

With Cary Grant and Sophia Loren
he shared a boat – how could this go wrong?
Movies enchant: world without end
He would just float along

He worked with James Cagney and David Niven
walked right through the Twilight Zone
If he behaved badly all was forgiven
In movies you can always go home

He fought a robot! A human fly!
And can you guess what?  He did not die!

Part Two

He was discovered in a room in Las Vegas
broke and alone, his heart had had enough
Neon and gloom in a city that’s weightless
Twilight Zone covered in rust

A few years ago he answered a query
what was it like to be a star so young
He answered in a voice, tired and weary,
Movies took my identity and left me with none.

Part Three

We are discovered each day at the dawn
With night uncovered, how do we go on?
Will we live the identity forced onto us?
or come to see that we will be loved

For who we are

and forever have been

We are stars

let the movie begin

November 12, 2015

Throughout November I am writing poems to raise money for The Center of New Americans in Northampton, Ma.. Each poem will be inspired by a current obituary. If you are able, please pledge and  pass this on.  

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