Social Ease 1997-2015

You were always there for me
You never let me guess
I wasn’t always fair, you see
I used you to impress

Beautiful, bright, reliable
as the kick that is champagne
My social life was viable
you made me witty and urbane

I recall when you departed:
in the middle of a sentence
in a story I had started,
I was the center of attention

As I approached the denouement
I reached for you in vain
Oh God in heaven save us all
I forgot the singer’s name

I stumbled and I stuttered,
“He has that one song, oh I know it
it’s very often covered 
and he’s a really fantastic poet”

The party soon was like a scene
by that indie guy that’s famous
The artsy doom of movie dreams
I wonder what his name is?

Please come back dear memories
of trivia and minutiae
I promise I will cherish thee
just tell me, who wrote Halleluja?

I don’t want the ease of somebody else
Like Google or some other
It starts with “C”? I knew you would help!
Of course, Joel!  Of the Coen brothers!

November 17, 2015

Throughout November I am writing poems to raise money for The Center of New Americans in Northampton, Ma.. Each poem will be inspired by a current obituary. If you are able, please pledge and pass this on.