Jack Yufe 1933-2015

What could the odds be? How could it be true?
One brother a Nazi, the other a Jew?
But that’s not even half of the tale of these kin:
Oscar and Jack were identical twins

Divorce brought diversity that most children lack,   
Oskar in Germany, Trinidad for Jack
Jack was Jewish but took the secular route
Oscar refused this and joined the Hitler Boy Scouts

(where they learned to tie knots that could ably restrain,
embroidered swastikas, helped old ladies board trains)

No contact at all till much later in life
“Give your brother a call!” (who else but a wife?)
then an image from a mirror said hello to Jack
Neither visage showed tears, it was just way too whack

They became the focus of a study of our stars
Can twins explain or show us why we are who we are?
What data could they give us regarding nature/nurture?
Jack worked on a kibbutz, Oscar labored for the Fuhrer

Their differences were overwhelming:
religion, language, the way they were raised
Their similarities compelling
peculiar habits – DNA dazed

Politics were verboten as well as the war
(I sense that is true for all families sane)
They had a bond unbroken that went to the core:
Their senses of humor were exactly the same

I have sisters and brothers I hardly see
I expect disaster when I pick up the phone
But unlike all others, they’re part of me
and their laughter always calls me home
November 18, 2015

Throughout November I am writing poems to raise money for The Center of New Americans in Northampton, Ma.. Each poem will be inspired by a current obituary. If you are able, please pledge and pass this on.