While my kickstarter runs, I will be posting new and old material. I wrote this song, One World Many Stories, several years ago and recorded it with Bideew Bou Bess. It’s a group of three brothers from Senegal. Also playing are Tony Vacca and Charlie Braun.

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Thanks, Dennis

One World Many Stories

One World Many Stories
From Senegal to Switzerland
One World Many Stories
similar, different

From Pakistan to Puerto Rico
Latvia to Lebanon
one planet many people
And I want to know about everyone

In the village in the shadow of Kilamanjaro
families eat machicha
while they pavlova where it’s tomorrow
on New Zealand beaches

Japan JamaicaEcuador
Portugal Peru
everybody’s got a story
so do you

One World Many Stories
Bolivians, Bedouins
Come on let’s get exploring
I want to know about everyone

What’s it like in a yurt in Mongolia?
A studio is Soho?
Do they ride the surf in Samoa
I want to so know.

Spain, Sweden, Singapore
even Timbuktu
everybody’s got a story
so do you

One world many stories
Malaysia, Mexico
Come on what is your story
tell me I’ve got to know

One world many stories
Cuba Congo Mexico
Come on let’s start exploring
tell me I’ve got to know

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