This song is inspired by Lucile Clifton‘s poem of the same name.

“Am I my brother’s keeper?” was Cain’s reply to God’s query regarding the whereabouts of Abel. It has always seemed to me that Cain was then punished not for murder but for insolence. God could be touchy.

I wrote this a few years ago, Abu Grahib was in the news. I felt sick for the victims and how our country had abandoned not only them but the soldiers who were driven to behave so heinously.

Charlie Braun does a great job with the charango and an evocative guitar riff. I hadn’t listen to this song in years and I forgot that I laughed when we started. Just left it on the recording.  I didn’t want the song to be this lecture or diatribe but rather a gentle reminder (to myself) of my responsibilities.

Until July 23, when my Kickstarter ends, I will be posting a song or poem each day.



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