29f6054800b339f3b58f62130454ef01Noel Neill 1920-2016

Noel Neill played Lois, a reporter who wore pearls
And pretended not to notice just who saved the world
As a child, to be a journalist was her ironic plan
Then her life took a turn and thus Iconic Man

His entrance always casual straight after ascent
His absence was fantastical, she was on to Clark Kent
Jimmy was a doofus, intuitive as granite
Perry always useless, lived on his own planet

She figured it out quickly, probably when he met her
But it was in the fifties and girls could not be clever
Lois was more intriguing than “Cape-but-no-charisma”
But every episode featured him – he saves her from machisma

He’d fly her through a starlit night, kryptonitely cautious
To the sights of Paris lights? No, right back to the office
Then up, up and away (talk about commitment fear!)
Then he’d show up as if to say “I’m glad it didn’t get weird!”

He would always leave her and flee into the dark
don glasses, deceive her, return as Clueless Clark
And she pretends and Jimmy shines with a heartfelt “Golly jeez!”
And then it ends and we know our line, “What the hell? Puhlease!”

I wish there were an episode where she wore the cape
I believe that it would suit her
I believe that she would focus on preventing rape
And forget about Lex Luthor

New York Times Obituary

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