Not At All (audio)

Two lives, incomplete
Then Fate sets the scene:
Provides then an empty seat
Crowded coffee shop in Queens

He was sitting reading “As You Like It”
“Excuse me, would you mind
If I shared this table? I’ll be quiet.”
He knew his line

“Not at all”

She kept her promise for perhaps a minute
He was glad she spoke
He lived a world with no on in it
He awoke

He interrupted (so unlike him)
“Excuse me, do you mind?
May I say you’re prettier than summer sighing?”
She knew her line

“Not at all”

Next scene. Evening. The moon from afar
Says to the skies,”Would you mind guys,
Sending a falling star?”
Not at all

Two lives, incomplete
Then Fate set the scene:
Leads them from an empty seat
To a  crowded church in Queens

Preacher speaks of worse and better
Then says to them both,
“Would you mind together forever?”
They take the oath

“Not at all”

Until July 23, when my Kickstarter campaign ends, I am posting old and new poetry and songs.

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