On January 20, 1942, 15 high-ranking Nazi Party and German government officials gathered at a villa in the Berlin suburb of Wannsee to discuss and coordinate the implementation of what they called the “Final Solution of the Jewish Question.”



High on the Rhine where the officers dined
The day was bright and blue
The subject was closed, a toast was proposed
As everything slipped from view.

As he sipped his champagne came a shadow of shame,
A feeling he hardly knew
But the rest were without any question or doubt
As everything slipped from view

Soothed by a phonograph, the room grew still

At the river he stared, he whispered a prayer
“Forgive me for what I do”
Did God answer his prayer as the trains were prepared
As everything slipped from view?

There were many who knew of the Gypsies and Jews
Heroes, there were few
I wonder what would I do if they came now for you?
As everything slipped from view.
As everything slipped from view.


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