On “Zombie Island” he began to blossom
Developed a style that led him to Gotham
His very first feature starred Boris Karloff
But undead creatures soon were far off

His Batman series was low-rent iconic
A comic book clearly yet gently ironic
A perfect response to world under siege
“Holy Post Modern!” comes to TV

The Vietnam myth seemed more like a lie
Dr.King was busy getting ready to die
And so networks reacted in radical style
Bewitched laugh tracks and Gomer Pyle guile

Out of this drivel rose a knight not dark
Polite and civil with no sign of snark
West had a way, he made it clear
That the past held sway but the future was here

It was campy and cool with stars galore
From Jerry Lewis to Gsa Gsa Gabor
Joker Romero, Cat Woman Kitt
Bruce Lee’s Kato, a Milton Berle bit

Rudy Vallee, Ethel Merman, Marc Cavell
Liberace was pure fun as evil Chandell
Edward G. Robinson, Vincent Price
Burt Ward as Robin “Oh Holy Tights”

Off-kilter angles, dialogue balloons
Plots dangled and next week resumed
Weird was the reason it had its run
Disappeared in three seasons, no longer fun

And though Adam West had another career
Crime didn’t rest so Batman stayed near
But now in the Bat Cave, the Crusader’s interred
“To the grave!”  his final words


    • I used to watch Batman. I remember an episode when Robin said to Batman, “Batman, have you ever noticed how peaceful Batgirl looks when she’s sleeping?” Batman smirked and said, “I know, Robin. I know.” (I may be mistaken. Perhaps they were observing Cat Woman?) It might be time for me to watch a few episodes.

      Thanks for the memories.

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