June Foray 1917-2017
“The First Lady of Animated Voicing”
So termed by the entertainment world
A life fading but Death rejoicing
To have the company of Rocket J. Squirrel
(Rocky Squirrel predates Rocky Raccoon
But in my mind they are close cousins
With Gideon and Bullwinkle they got a room
where there’s no collusion with Russians)
She voiced an old woman when she was 12
At 97, she reprised the rodent
Battled Boris Badenov, who else
Could show him just who was impotent
Alright, yeah, that was in bad taste
But puns in that show were the rule
Rocky learned to be an ace aviator
At Cedar Yorpantz Flying School
And though Bullwinkle seemed to not have a clue
he had a degree from Wossamotta U.
(If your child can abide dimwitted mooses
This safety school might be one they chooses)
Foray also voiced Natasha Fatale
Her slinky disguises a ruse
But outwit Rocky? Gosh no by golly
(The Trumps wouldn’t notice the clues)
She was Lucifer the Cat in “Cinderella”
Ursusa in “George of the Jungle”
Nell Fenwick (Dudley Do-Right her fella,
Was there a case he didn’t bungle?)
Foray was a doll in “The Twilight Zone”
Not her usual milieu
She threatened Telly Savalas (no, not with a comb)
But with “I’m Talky Tina and I’m gonna kill you.”

And now she’s with her male counterpart,
Mel Blanc, who got way more acclaim
A sunny cartoon scene, they practice their art
But in Frostbite Falls there’s  rain

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