I received an email yesterday from a woman who is in the Peace Corps. She had recently lost a dear colleague: Hanna Huntley from North Carolina who was volunteering in Armenia. I began reading the short obituaries posted of those who have died while serving and was deeply moved and inspired by these amazing lives. The photograph above is Andrew Farr of South Carolina and was volunteering in Mozambique.

To Make the World a Way Better Place

Hanna worked in Armenia, Shalin in Peru
For Andrew it was Mozambique
They saw more than most will face

Young but had seen enough, somehow knew
that answers come when we seek
to make the world a way better place

Namibia for John, Niger for Stephanie
Bertie made her home in Belize
Uncertain in worlds they came to embrace

The list goes on as do the memories
of the work and worth of all of these
who made the world a way better place

Passionate powerful lives so brief
The New York Times took no notice
and we all kept up our furious pace

Communities sorrowful gripped with grief
all who knew them want us to know this:
they made the world a way better place

Isn’t this the reason why are here?
Why else to the sun do we rise
and walk through days so full of grace?

Each was a Peace Corp volunteer
May we be inspired by these lives
and make the world a way better place

Here is a list of Fallen Peace Corp Volunteers

Throughout November I am writing a poem a day in an effort to raise money for The Center for New Americans, an organization that is located in Western Massachusetts and does great work in acclimating our new citizens to their new homes.

You may help out by going here

Also, most of you know I am moving to Oregon at the end of the year. Before I leave I will bedoing two shows.  Both will be in Amherst at the NACUL Center at 7:00 on November 30 and December 7. Proceeds will benefit The Center for New Americans.

I will be joined by these fine musicians: Joe Ricker, Andrew Atkin, Dave Haughey, Billy Klock and Dan Thomas.


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