Travelin’ Boy – Part One

I grew up in Iowa
knew I was a guy in love
with any place the other side of the
So I stuck my thumb out
Luckily Luck left a crumb out
But funds and fun done run out   
in Kentucky
I can confidently assert this:
you don’t know what work is
Until you work a circus
for a season
I worked my way to barker
I played my part with ardor
but the gypsy said “your cards are
For leavin’”
I’m just a travelin’ boy
I’m just a travelin’ boy
I moved down to the Florida Keys
behaved rather Gomorrahishly
Then knew  there was more to see
in the South
So I moved to Dallas
With its core coarse and callous
made of meat and malice
and mouth
Went up to Colorado
raised cattle on a plateau
got married didn’t last though
here is why:
We gambled on shared bliss
but enchantment anteceded “dis”
as did “may” and so we unkissed
And  said goodbye
I’m just a travelin’ boy
I’m just a travelin’ boy
I moved to beautiful Puget Sound
wrote a musical about abusive clowns
Ii was tuneful but it closed down
After one performance
The songs were sorta “Tears for Fears”
Bozo standing up to peers
Brando/Waterfront veneer
Of importance
I went part punk in New York City
Got art drunk and wordless witty
My money sunk into “Hair Care for Kitty”
In Hell’s Kitchen
Mohawk kittens all the rage
Patti-Smith-smittened it was the age
When it finished turned the page
And went fishin’
I’m just a travelin’ boy
I’m just a travelin’ boy
I’d always been enamored of Huck Finn
Pretty much the standard of livin’ on a whim
So I got hammered and went lookin’ for my Jm
In Missouri
Without a thought away I ran
In the Bronx, I bought a van
No longer caught in anyone’s plan
What? Me worry?
But my car died and I had no money
Got a lift from an Indiana Muncie honey
Pretty and innocent, sunny and funny
And quite Christian
But I looked past that to her breasts
They looked right back and bade me rest
And so I passed on goin’ west
To kiss them
She said “If you want these for to savor
Would you please for me do the favor
Of accepting Jesus as your saviour?”
I said, “Where do I sign?”

I met the minister (her dad, of course)
I felt a little sinister, my motives were coarse
And though a sinner, I felt this strange force
For the first time

Till then, I thought it all pure fiction  
That the lame walked, cured of affliction
Then I went Saul to Paul, The Crucifixion
Could vanquish death

But I was still as irreverent as a kid could be
I said to Reverend I had an affinity
For being born again cause I liked the vicinity
From whence I gasped for my first breath

The aside was tasteless and I apologized
Suddenly I felt weightless at the riverside
This is what grace was – my old self died
I was delivered

But midway through my baptism
Out of the blue the wind was arisen
And before I knew I was driven
Down the river
I’ll tell you later what comes after
But you must wait till the next chapter
What awaits is some  disaster
You might think
But while you wait  if you could
Don’t hesitate to  do some good
Combat hate, help the neighborhood
Click this link
I am asking you to make a pledge
For those living on the edge
You’ll take a step back from the ledge
With your donation
Democracy dies day by night
Oh we’ve got to be rays of light
Our odyssey lies in braving the Right
And taking back this nation  


Throughout November I am writing a poem a day in an effort to raise money for The Center for New Americans, an organization that is located in Western Massachusetts and does great work in acclimating our new citizens to their new homes.

You may help by going here.

If you appreciate my efforts and my work please share.

Also, most of you know I am moving to Oregon at the end of the year. Before I leave I will bedoing two shows.  Both will be in Amherst at the NACUL Center at 7:00 on November 30 and December 7. Proceeds will benefit The Center for New Americans.

I will be joined by these fine musicians: Joe Ricker, Andrew Atkin, Dave Haughey, Billy Klock and Dan Thomas.


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  • You are right about taking back this NATION!
    We all have to raise our consciousness by being helpful and kind to other humans.

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