George Martin 1926-2016

March 14, 2016

George Martin 1926-2016 Sir Saint Paul recalled, “He was like a second father.” A wonder to all it worked at all, it is as if God were Looking down on London and said “I need a gift for me.” Where else could this come from, this synchronicity? His background was in classical, he was tactful … Read More

Sonny Burgess, Rockabilly Wild Man

August 23, 2017

Sonny Burgess  1929-2017 He played frantic, jangling guitar One of the most electrifying stars In the Sun Records galaxy in Memphis He fell, met mortality and left us He played lead with full-tilt loco Growled and shrieked a manic vocal Though crowds went crazy as he tore it apart He and The Pacers never made … Read More

Marian C. Diamond

August 20, 2017

Marian C. Diamond  1926-2017 Acetylcholinesterase. It’s good to have a lot if you are wending through a maze as a rat (or not – I go down dead-end lanes though I’ve been that way before That enzyme of the brain? I could use a little more) Acetylcholinesterase. It’s fortunate we got it Without it we … Read More

Dr. Ruth Pfau

August 17, 2017

Dr. Ruth Pfau    1929-2017   I’m a pretty thoughtful guy Let me give you an example Recently a friend baked a pie And offered me a sample   The taste was gray and ghastly Pathetic and pernicious “How is it?” he asked me I said it was delicious   My integrity suffered I now labor … Read More

Glen Campbell

August 9, 2017

Glen Campbell 1936-2017 He said the secret is clear for an unhappy life: About every three years find a new wife Say “I do” to your honey and as she repeats it   Say adieu to your money, ‘cause she gonna keep it As foolish at romance as he was adept with frets He got … Read More

June Foray

August 1, 2017

  June Foray 1917-2017   “The First Lady of Animated Voicing” So termed by the entertainment world A life fading but Death rejoicing To have the company of Rocket J. Squirrel   (Rocky Squirrel predates Rocky Raccoon But in my mind they are close cousins With Gideon and Bullwinkle they got a room where there’s … Read More

Bill Collings

August 1, 2017

Bill Collings 1948-2017 Warm, crystalline tone, projection we’re talkin’ Bill Collings guitars “I could never reach perfection” and God could improve upon stars His dedication to function and form dictated their elegant construction Paul Simon could soothe, Keith Richards could storm and Hendrix would’ve fucked ’em They all have stories of how they found ’em … Read More

Margaret Bergmann Lambert 1914-2017

July 26, 2017

Margaret Bergmann Lambert  1914-2017 She was a Jew who could jump She would have won the gold at Berlin But the twentieth century’s Donald Trump Laid a trap and lured her in A movement arose to boycott the games Unless Germany showed it was unbiased A fake competition – Bergmann came And of course she … Read More

Martin Landau

July 18, 2017

Martin Landau 1928-2017 Johnny Depp was Ed Wood in all his neurosis But yet it was understood the film was Lugosi’s Martin Landau got a break with the part Past failures palled and got a stake in the heart He won an Oscar, should have had more Like for the Doctor who killed his paramour … Read More