Mary Tyler Moore 1936-2017

January 26, 2017

Mary Tyler Moore 1936-2017 “Who can turn the world on with a smile?” A double entendre in that We’re happy for sure with this girl without guile But we really got off when she tossed that hat 70’s TV,  working women were shrill lonely wanna be wives But happy and single and using the pill? … Read More

2016 – Hey, that’s no way to say goodbye

December 29, 2016

View slideshow here. 2016 – hey, that’s no way to say goodbye 2-0-1-6 most unholy an odd and bitter odyssey Ali, Prince,  Bowie, dignity, democracy Death! For a while let no one die we are shocked by who has crossed grant us a moment while we try to take stock of who was lost I … Read More

Marni Nixon

July 28, 2016

Marni Nixon 1930-2016 “I Feel Pretty”. She owned that song! Natalie’s soprano simply entranced Sparkling voice supple yet strong Was the recording, by chance, enhanced? Deborah Kerr stood up to The King And made a surprising suggestion: “Shall we dance?” but now here’s the thing: Who really asked that question? And Eliza could have danced … Read More

Granola – the song

July 22, 2016

Not to be confused with the movie or sitcom or book. Those will come later. Granola (audio) I know I said I had posted my final song while my Kickstarter was in play.  I lied.

Beyond the Blue

July 22, 2016

I have been posting pretty regularly for the last thirty days. My Kickstarter campaign ends tomorrow and while it looks as though it will fall short, I hope you have enjoyed these songs and poems. The songs will eventually end up on a future record and I hope to publish the poems some time. The … Read More

A Mother’s Wisdom

July 21, 2016

Hi – For about the last thirty days I have been raising funds so that I may complete the recording of my latest record “Kingdom of Summer“.  I have gotten a lot of support but unfortunately, it looks as though I will fall short. I will have to admit that for a short period of … Read More

Child Bride Burns to Death

July 19, 2016

Child Bride Burns to Death Zahra loved the idea of learning And so she juggled, starred in a play Imagine for a second a young child burning Then try to have a normal day Are fresh-picked berries any less sweet? Does the breeze still soothe leaves at dawn? Does the stream not delight my daughter’s … Read More

Roast Beef, Well Done

July 15, 2016

Every Sunday throughout my childhood, my mother made roast beef. It was always well done. Well done. My mother was, by any standards, a great cook. Her pies were the envy of our neighbors. Her bread and biscuits were light, airy and addictive. Her mashed potatoes and gravy hit the high peaks of sacred succulence. But we … Read More