Scotty Moore 1931-2016

July 3, 2016

Scotty Moore  1931-2016 On July 4, 1954, they started a revolution Bill Black, Scotty Moore,  blues/hillbilly fusion A kid comes into the studio, Presley, shy and quiet What they did oh who could know, would anyone buy it? Our Sistine Chapel, Sun Records in Memphis Airwaves crackle with America, restless At the start of this … Read More

Without You

July 3, 2016

“What would you be like if you weren’t my dad?” Out of nowhere (seemingly) when my daughter was 4, she asked me this question. This song is the answer. This song is from one of my kids’ records, “I Miss the Mud“. Until July 23, when my Kickstarter completes, I am posting new and old … Read More

You Are Not Your Brother’s Keeper

July 2, 2016

This song is inspired by Lucile Clifton‘s poem of the same name. “Am I my brother’s keeper?” was Cain’s reply to God’s query regarding the whereabouts of Abel. It has always seemed to me that Cain was then punished not for murder but for insolence. God could be touchy. I wrote this a few years … Read More

If I had a dime for every time

July 1, 2016

If I had a Dime The title of this song was first uttered in disdain by Franklin Roosevelt. It was  completed with “I’ve been asked what was it like to grow up in the shadow of cousin Teddy?”  Later, the Republican Party forced through a measure that removed FDR’s image from the now-out-of-circulation New Deal … Read More


June 30, 2016

A friend was visiting the other day and we were inventorying the kitchen. Not much to work with. And then my friend spied a familiar jar and said, “There’s always granola”. And there is. And now there is a song. Here are the lyrics. Song will come later. When you’re home alone oh so blue … Read More

in the rain

June 25, 2016

A few years ago someone took my song “In the Rain” and made this surprisingly effective animation to accompany it.   This song is from my record “Radio Boy”. To find info on my upcoming record to go my Kickstarter site. Thanks. Dennis

One World Many Stories

June 25, 2016

While my kickstarter runs, I will be posting new and old material. I wrote this song, One World Many Stories, several years ago and recorded it with Bideew Bou Bess. It’s a group of three brothers from Senegal. Also playing are Tony Vacca and Charlie Braun. Please check out my Kickstarter project. Thanks, Dennis One World Many … Read More

It’s My Birthday, too, yeah

June 24, 2016

In Iowa, some decades ago I arrived, and dismayed, said “Say it ain’t so!” The tenth to be born to a family struggling Amidst endless corn…it was patently troubling Perhaps the stork took a wrong turn It was for New York that I yearned The upper East Side to be exact I could easily abide … Read More