September 22 – On This Day

September 22, 2017

September 22 – On This Day The sun shines directly on the equator A balance of dark and light The inexorable slide to the nadir Begins in earnest tonight Every evening light retreats As dark seeks to rule the day And then on the very brink of defeat The sun shifts back our way We … Read More

September 21 – On This Day

September 21, 2017

September 21 – On This Day Benedict Arnold committed treason (that was wrong back in the day) He felt he had a pretty good reason: “Theater” shouldn’t be spelled that way Burgundy changes sides in the “Hundred Years’ War”: “It’s been eighty years, let’s try a new plan!” Some must have forgotten what they were … Read More

September 15 – On This Day

September 15, 2017

September 15 – On This Day It’s the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows Mary’s sacred day for Christians But since the morning when the Czar rose Our Lady is Hillary Clinton The first public school is founded in Europe Society starts a new chapter Unexpected expenses are bound to turn up; the first bake … Read More

Walter Becker, Co-founder of Steely Dan

September 5, 2017

Walter Becker   1950-2017 Pop music had a void to be filled, so these two boys had a hunch: First, name their band after the dildo from William Burroughs’s Naked Lunch (some bands come apart right at the start before unpacking their guitars Some want bizarre, some want art Other just want “The Cars”) Second, make … Read More

Dr. Ruth Pfau

August 17, 2017

Dr. Ruth Pfau    1929-2017   I’m a pretty thoughtful guy Let me give you an example Recently a friend baked a pie And offered me a sample   The taste was gray and ghastly Pathetic and pernicious “How is it?” he asked me I said it was delicious   My integrity suffered I now labor … Read More

Glen Campbell

August 9, 2017

Glen Campbell 1936-2017 He said the secret is clear for an unhappy life: About every three years find a new wife Say “I do” to your honey and as she repeats it   Say adieu to your money, ‘cause she gonna keep it As foolish at romance as he was adept with frets He got … Read More

June Foray

August 1, 2017

  June Foray 1917-2017   “The First Lady of Animated Voicing” So termed by the entertainment world A life fading but Death rejoicing To have the company of Rocket J. Squirrel   (Rocky Squirrel predates Rocky Raccoon But in my mind they are close cousins With Gideon and Bullwinkle they got a room where there’s … Read More

Bill Collings

August 1, 2017

Bill Collings 1948-2017 Warm, crystalline tone, projection we’re talkin’ Bill Collings guitars “I could never reach perfection” and God could improve upon stars His dedication to function and form dictated their elegant construction Paul Simon could soothe, Keith Richards could storm and Hendrix would’ve fucked ’em They all have stories of how they found ’em … Read More