I am currently at work on recording a collection of songs for a new album to be called “The Kingdom of Summer”. I’ve spent the summer laying down basic tracks with Andrew Atkin at The Thread Arts Collective in Easthampton and anticipate a release date of March, 2016. The album is being produced by Joe Ricker, a classical guitarist and one half of Duo Orfeo.

The album will contain thirteen songs than will range from the folk rock of “John, Paul, George, Ringo and Me” (a story of how I came to be a musician) to the ethereal paean to the passage of time of the title song. There will be heartbreak (“Jamie and the Rocket Ship”) and an answer to the riddle of relationships (“Lawyers Up Ahead”).

One of the songs (“Piecing Together a Posthumous Novel”) was inspired by stories I read of the struggle to complete “The Pale King”, the unfinished work of David Foster Wallace, and, another (“New York”) is inspired by my life-long love affair of that city.

Next week we begin adding percussion and within several weeks I will post some early versions of a few of the songs and will begin a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the project.

Stay tuned.

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