Melissa Mathison 1950-2015

“She liked epiphanies,” Steven Spielberg recalled
As she became history maybe mystery enthralled
“E.T. phone home” was everywhere it seemed
She didn’t know but she made the first meme

From Oz to Odyssey, many times told
seems odd to me how it never gets old
but if in the retelling the phrasing has heart
it remains compelling, there is innovation and art

She started with Coppola and those whack-pack Italians
the first script she was wrote was for “The Black Stallion”
Similar territory as Spielberg’s notion
so he shared his story and with her devotion

an alien stranded speaks to us all
no way we’re abandoned, love answers the call
we can never be lost we will find our way home
galaxies will be crossed if we pick up the phone

But now her light is gone too soon
She rides her bike across the moon

November 7, 2015

Throughout November I am writing poems to raise money for The Center of New Americans in Northampton, Ma.. Each poem will be inspired by a current obituary. If you are able, please pledge and  pass this on.

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