Hate – RIP –  Zero to 2015

Remember when we thought the world was ending?
Scores lay dead in Beirut and Paris
We thought the wound was beyond our mending
and no longer could we bear this

We watched in cafes and kitchens, saying nothing new
We wept, raged as wisdom walked away from view
Ragged night, silent scream in dreams of blood and birth
We woke to what we’d never seen. I mean what on earth?

Neighbors talked to neighbors.
Grudges disappeared
We said hello to strangers
But I thought the end was near?

We raked leaves for politicians
We saw everything as art
We made the world our business
and that’s how we made a start

When Eve ate of the fruited tree
God gave birth to hate
We need not behave as unsuitably
Good thing we didn’t wait

It was getting late

And so we remember Lebanon and we remember France
We would not accept what went on and now we have a chance

November 14, 2015


Throughout November I am writing poems to raise money for The Center of New Americans in Northampton, Ma. (http://www.cnam.org/). Each poem will be inspired by a current obituary. If you are able, please pledge and  pass this on.  



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