George Martin 1926-2016

Sir Saint Paul recalled, “He was like a second father.”
A wonder to all it worked at all, it is as if God were
Looking down on London and said “I need a gift for me.”
Where else could this come from, this synchronicity?

His background was in classical, he was tactful and urbane
But soon he found his path was filled with backwards tracks on “Rain”
Like the rest of the pack, he took a pass, he heard nothing new
Went back to track a Mozart Mass but was humming “Love Me Do”

He was compelled, thought what the hell’s this genius so relentless?
And so they fell like Phillips and Elvis, The Beatles’ soul of Memphis
He wasn’t impressed with this boy Best and Ringo would give him doubts
But the Muse was sold on alchemical gold: George Martin and “Twist and Shout”

This strange arrangement gave us art, every LP would further confirm it
Had he not stayed to play his part? A legacy like Herman’s Hermits
He revolutionized the studio, words of love come together
Less than ten hours of music though the songs go on forever