July 6

Have you seen the reviews for July the Sixth?
Yays and boos. Decidedly mixed.
John and Paul meet, the world is ecstatic
But Anne Frank retreats up to the attic

First Republican Party Convention
They start perfecting the art of no dissension
Richard the Third resorts to force
In a few words, the guy needs a horse

The Thomas Moore’s affair comes to a head  
But a Progressive’s prayer: “The Nation” is read
Baseball stars gather and it goes down to the wire
But a Hartford disaster, a circus on fire

Roy Rogers exits, sings “Happy Trails”
(She stays in Texas, but soon comes Dale)
We bid adieu to the likes that don’t come often
And for a while it’s quiet in Yoknapatawpha

And in a world which seems to make no sense at all
We received the dreams of wondrous Chagall
And Kahlo arrives and what she does for us
Is show us our lives in Blue House portraits

If this is your date, you are a Cancer
You like to create! You’re a moody romancer
Louis Armstrong died, “What a Wonderful World” remains
Enjoy your ride, through blue skies of rain

Dennis Caraher

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