I have been posting pretty regularly for the last thirty days. My Kickstarter campaign ends tomorrow and while it looks as though it will fall short, I hope you have enjoyed these songs and poems. The songs will eventually end up on a future record and I hope to publish the poems some time. The release date of “Kingdom of Summer” in uncertain but I will keep you posted. The Kickstarter campaign officially ends on Saturday July 23 at 5:00 pm. Until then, you or your friends can contribute by going here.

Here is my last song for awhile. Beyond The Blue (audio).




Beyond the Blue

The last, the least of four sons
The others took to preachin’ like Daddy done
Breakin’ off a piece of Kingdom Come

Not for glory was I bound
The arc of this story just goes down
Not another poor me who gets found
By love

I prayed to God, “Give to me
A sign that you care”
But what I got was an epiphany:
There ain’t nothin’ there

Beyond the blue

Oklahoma’s got open skies
But to hearts and minds that don’t apply
So I hitched a ride
I got out

Denver seemed about all I’d need
I took up with a blue-jeaned boy like me
He taught me things, I’d only dreamed

When he got sick, he asked the Lord,
“Fix this fevered skin”
And when he died, I was sure
Jesus didn’t wait for him

Beyond the blue

I wandered at random
But everywhere’s the same
A country abandoned
To the arrogance of shame

We decided long ago
We do not belong
So we pinned our hopes
On the world beyond


I went back with the worst disease
No fatted calf served to me
They only asked, “When you leavin’

The fear wasn’t there that I might bleed
Or if they cared, they’d have to grieve
They were scared, that unbelief
Could catch

Greyhound, westbound
LA or bust
But that station ain’t the destination
We are bound for dust

Beyond the blue

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