George Romero  1940-2017
An unthinking, unfeeling cast of caucasians
In rural America pursue a black man
It wasn’t his intention but it’s a temptation
To see race in Romero’s zombie land

Duane Jones (Ben) boards up the house
As the living dead ramp up the drama
He’d just been seven when the movie came out
But it eventually it was apt for Obama

George Romero invented the genre
before the undead were in fashion
He scared us all with a new kind of trauma
Gave us many a head to smash in

Oh he could spill blood with passion

Hard to believe there was a time
When flesh was not craved by corpse
And sooner or later we become their kind
And even vegans display no remorse

In 1940 he was born in the Bronx
He loved movies where monsters chased
Did he ever glance at his uncles and aunts
And wonder just how they would taste?

“Night of the Living Dead” cost 100K
What Hollywood spends in a minute
And the undead don’t say “Have it your way!”
So not much product placement was in it

He could be called the original dead head
There was “Diary”, “Day”, “Land” and “Dawn”
He never got rich but was always well fed
And I wonder if he’s truly gone.

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