July 28, 2015

Summertime George and Ira, arias and blues have to admire those New York Jews “I loves you, Porgy. Don’t leave me here.” They would of course be familiar with fear and caustic squalor and bitter fruit Wagner trumps Mahler with sharp-edged boots They sat at the piano on the Upper West Side mapping a plan … Read More

The Great Escape

July 16, 2015

  Fifty years ago these Iowa Amish boys fled to the shelter of cornfields rather than obey the law that compelled them to attend public schools. I was just a little older than these boys but oh how did I look up to them. A few years earlier I had also escaped to these same fields. … Read More

Thou Shalt Not….Not Dance

June 24, 2015

Like all of us, upon occasion I wake up with the thought of “What is the greatest commandment, anyhow?” And so we bring it up at breakfast pretending like we really know and are just trying to generate some fun table talk but our teenage kids see right through us and eyes are rolled and … Read More

The Kingdom of Summer

June 22, 2015

Our Kingdom Come. Not the one of other worlds. But right here. Now. In the slant of sun off June water. We are princes, princesses, kings and queens. Today we are divine. World without End. Amen. [music_store_product id=”557″] Late afternoon Twenty-first of June Light in the trees, reflected from the water A lake, a breeze, … Read More

Flying Down to Rio

June 21, 2015

When Fred Astaire died on June 22, 1987, Ginger Rogers was living alone on her Rogue River ranch in Oregon. Their last movie was almost forty years before (“The Barkleys of Broadway“) and while Fred and Ginger had parted amicably and remained friends, their iconic onscreen romance of the 1930’s was in the distant past. … Read More

Eisenhower On the Beach

June 3, 2015

In 1964, Dwight Eisenhower returned to Normandy. It had been twenty years since D-Day and was the only time he returned to the beaches where so many died and began the final chapter in the Second World War. Words could never capture what went on there and what Eisenhower must have been feeling. In this … Read More

When I Saw Her Standing….

June 3, 2015

What if the lyric ended like that? No “there” was there (to paraphrase Gertrude Stein’s take on Oakland). Even the first time we heard that song we knew “there” was coming and so we were free to revel in the tension of  “standing”. We would be led home in due time. That’s the beauty of a … Read More